When buying dress shoes, get lace ups

The other day I decided to go out and buy a new pair of mens lace up shoes.

I wanted something that is versatile and I could wear not only with my suit for formal events but something that I could also wear with a pair of trousers or jeans to dress them up somewhat. As the saying goes shoes maketh the man and my collection of footwear is starting to look tired and worn out.

I wandered around Paddington on Oxford Street which as a few men’s shoe shops there. Having lived in Europe and being a bit of a shoe buff I was shocked to see so many supposed up market clothing shops such as The Witchery and Oxford selling cheap leather shoes that are made in India or China. Besides a pair of shoes you buy for $150 or $169 is not going to last you long. A decent pair of quality made men’s dress shoes should have leather soles and be made in Italy, Spain, Germany or England. The workmanship and the quality of the leather used in these countries means in Australian dollars a pair should set you back anywhere from $250 to $450.

So after a few hours wandering around and trying on a few pairs in various clothing and shoe shops I could not find anything I liked. I decided maybe it was time to jump online and see what Google could come up with. I punched in buy mens dress shoes online and to my surprise found Matador Shoes Australia. They are just in behind the Matt Blatt designer furniture shop on the corner of Elizabeth and Oxford Streets. They are more of an online shoe shop but you can make an appointment to go and see their range. I made a quick phone call and luckily they could see me in half an hour. Once I got there I learnt that they are more of a wholesalers and just run out of an office rather than a shop. However they have a great range of amazing men’s designer shoes that are all made in Spain. The Spanish have a great reputation for making some of the best footwear in Europe.

I tried on a few different styles and in the end came away with two pairs, one in an oxford style and one a derby rather than just one. The quality of the shoes is awesome and as Matador Shoes are a shoe wholesaler I got them for a great price of $200 a pair. Both models are beautifully made using really good leathers and they also have leather soles. If I bought these in one of the shops around the corner they would have been $350 each!

If you want to buy mens dress shoes online I highly recommend visiting these guys in Paddington. You can find more information about them online with Google and their showroom is open every Saturday and various days during the week. I was so glad I decided to do an online search to see what else was out there.

Buying Mens Wedding Shoes

Buy Mens Dress Shoes Online in Australia at… by shoesformen

So you have a mate’s wedding coming up next weekend and it is time to start thinking about what you are going to wear. You have the suit you bought a few years ago that hardly gets any use. Hey you only drag it out really for something like this. But looking in your wardrobe all your shoes are either trainers or a sad old pair of men’s slip on shoes you bought a few years ago.


You are not going to have time to walk around the city checking out various shoe shops and besides you need a quality pair. Why not get online and check out Matador Shoes Sydney. We have an online shop, which you can visit anytime of the day from the comfort of your desk at work, or on your iPad when you get home at the end of the day. We have a great selection of men’s wedding shoes in a variety of styles and models.

Men’s wedding footwear is normally quite a conservative look and you want to look your best so the norm or tradition is to wear a slender black men’s lace up shoes. Slender shoes are the best as they will make you look taller in your suit and lets be honest big chunky cheap Chinese made shoes with thick rubber soles are just such a fashion disaster and look cheap and nasty. A wedding is a big occasion and you always want to look your best. Besides every man should have at least one pair of quality formal dress shoes in his wardrobe.

If you go to the Matador Shoes website and go to our Men’s wedding shoes collection we have a variety of shoes perfect to wear to your mate’s big day. There are generally two types of shoe the derby and the oxford. The derby is an open laced shoe and the oxford is closed lacing. The oxford looks more formal and generally goes better with a suit but many guys prefer the derby style.

A good starting point is our Alonso or Ernesto models. These are both very popular basic model derby shoes. The Alonso has stitching around the front of it and it a wider fit shoe and the Ernesto is a slimmer fit model that is very in style at the moment all over Europe.

The most popular oxford shoe we have has to be the Rafael. This is a slim fit classic shoe that has a sleek look to it and will dress up any suit and make you look a million dollars! There is also the Ramon model, which has a small pin hole pattern around the front of the shoe. It has more of a classic style last and is a versatile shoe that can be worn as a business shoe after the wedding.

Matador Shoes have a great selection of all styles and types of shoes you can buy through our online shop so head over to our website and pick yourself up a great pair of footwear to suit any occasion.